Kamera, Resurrection

Kamera, ResurrectionSwedish pop group Kamera land Resurrection in North America, and after listening to the opening track and first single "Lies," it becomes clear what Kamera are trying to resurrect. Kamera stand firmly planted in the post-punk/new wave revival scene along with the likes of Interpol or the Killers. The big difference is in the juxtaposition of two key words: revival and resurrection. The influential stamp of early-to-mid 80s Duran Duran and Depeche Mode is all over Resurrection, but rather than revive and make music with some sense of 2008 relevancy, Kamera resurrects a blend of synth-pop and electronica that should just stay dead. It's like bringing back fluorescent fanny packs and gold-lame hot pants (thank you, American Apparel, you bastards). In the end, it just begs the question, "Why?" Kamera are a clearly a very talented group, and if Resurrection were released in 1984 it would no doubt be a chart-topper. They have managed to capture every element of their target, from the lyrics to the vocals to the sound. But in 2008, who cares? Let's leave the '80s in the '80s. (Sony Music Canada)

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