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k-os, Joyful Rebellion

Two years ago at the Winnipeg Jazz Festival, K-OS brought the house down with his eclectic live show. Instead of having a DJ dropping beats, K-OS brought along a Spanish guitar player and a tabla percussionist. This raw performance gave the audience a different perspective on what hip-hop could be and it definitely left the feeling that what’s out there is hopelessly bland. K-OS’s sophomore release Joyful Rebellion reflects the sounds from his live show and revels in the celebration of music. The record begins with the renegade romp of “Emcee Murdah” which is flavoured with Spanish guitar and poisonous raps about how “Hip-hop is not dead, it’s just really the mind of the Emcee.” On this record, K-OS has taken his vocal range to another level, especially on the soulful “Man I Used Be” and the earnest “Hallelujah.” Other highlights include the rocker “Dirty Water” featuring Sam Roberts, the wild jazz of “Crabbuckit,” and the beat heavy “B-Boy Stance.” Simply put, the diverse Joyful Rebellion is one of the most entertaining and thoughtful records of the year. (EMI)

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