Book Review: Josh Bazell, ‘Beat the Reaper’

While this reviewer loathes clichés unless warranted by the most ironic of circumstances, the reality is that this book is virtually impossible to put down once you start reading. Beat the Reaper is the first novel from author Josh Bazell and he has certainly come out swinging with a knockout blow.

Bazell has penned the wry story of a hit man-turned-doctor who finds himself at the mercy of former mob cohorts when they threaten to reveal his unsavoury past to those in his new life. Pietro Brwna, our “hero,” is virtually impossible to dislike; his voice throughout the story draws you in like a moth to a flame. And the characters that surround him are equally engaging.

All forced clichés aside, Bazell has done a stunning job with his first book, which was written while working his way through his own medical internship. This innovative crime story is funny yet cynical while still delivering a gripping plot. While the ending might be somewhat hard-to-swallow this book is more than worth the read for any crime fan looking for a new voice in the genre.

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