Joseph Hosey, Fatal Vows: The Tragic Wives of Sergeant Drew Peterson

True crime is not a genre for everyone. Some people find it salacious and disrespectful. Others just find it distasteful. But if you are a true crime fan then Fatal Vows is a prime example of how good it can be when it’s done right.

A reporter for Herald News, a Chicago area paper, for almost a decade, Joseph Hosey has followed the disappearance of Stacy Peterson since October of 2007 when the media frenzy began. Stacy quickly became one of the most famous missing persons cases in Chicago history. In Fatal Vows, Hosey chronicles every detail surrounding that case but uses it as a jumping off to get into the meat of the story; Drew Peterson. Stacy was his fourth wife, his third dying years earlier. As the case grows and Drew is implicated further in Stacy’s disappearance, the case of his third wife is re-opened to be reexamined as a murder.

Fatal Vows is a well-written, engaging discussion of a man who is an obvious “person of interest” in more than one case. The facts are presented eloquently with an impressive number of details that followers of this saga may not know of and were not well covered by the initial media craze.

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