John Hodgman, More Information Than You Require

Known to many of us as The Daily Show’s “resident expert” or as the PC in the perennial Mac versus PC ads, John Hodgman lives another life outside of notable TV personality as a successful author. His first endeavour, The Areas of My Expertise, is still one of the strangest books ever written, covering an extensive variety of insane topics though few bare any semblance to “facts”. More Information Than You Require quite literally follows that trend with the page numbers picking up where the first book left off.

The second in his trilogy of satirical almanacs, More is…well, more of everything we love about John Hodgman. This book could not possibly be more crammed with pictures, charts, graphs and “facts” that both enlighten and bewilder. Naturally, he quite extensively discusses the race of mole-men that live beneath the surface of the earth and their effect on our society. But this compendium of knowledge does not stop there, as it is practical as well as informative. Each page of the book acts as a “page-a-day” calendar. Fittingly, the first date is October 21, 2008.

More, much like its predecessor, is well written, imaginative and thoroughly entertaining. Despite his self-professed status as a famous minor-television personality, Hodgman’s star as an insightful and comedic writer continues to rise. One can only imagine to what depths of insanity he’ll sink to in the final instalment of his trilogy, That is All.

You have been warned.

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