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Jeremy Proctor, These Two Shoes

Winnipeg native Jeremy Proctor is one of those local gems who performs at all of the popular coffee-shops and misty clubs, so it’s easy to take for granted his traditional folk sound and home-grown storytelling. These Two Shoes opens with the catchy “Holiday,” which features a whimsical penny whistle that mingles with an aged fiddle — the two instruments sound as if they’re dancing with one another. Other standout tracks, like “Sweetness” and “Joanne,” capture Proctor’s hauntingly beautiful vocals. The reflective “She Won’t Marry Me” instantly recalls home: “The sun sets out on the prairies/The wind is howling it’s goodbyes/The coyotes are singing chorus/The crickets keeping time.” These Two Shoes is a breezy, enjoyable listen from one of Canada’s most underrated singer-songwriters. (Independent) Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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