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Jeremy Fisher, Let It Shine

Vancouver singer-songwriter Jeremy Fisher’s debut is sunny acoustic pop, full of hook-laden melodies and conventional, but often humorous, lyrics. This travelling storyteller – he bikes across Canada to get to his shows – wraps his reedy thin voice around songs about school, relationships and hopelessness with a sleekly produced vibe that sometimes works against his songs, leaving them sound like de rigeur top forty adult contemporary hits. But really, Let It Shine ‘s focus is Fisher’s command of the lyric; on the instantly recognizable “High School,” Fisher sings “It’s kinda hard with all that sexual confusion, sometimes you don’t know if you’re gay or straight, but what’s the difference, it’s a wonderful delusion and most times you won’t make it past second base.” While most of Let It Shine is pretty decent, it’s hard to sit through the overly sweet “Lemon Meringue Pie,” the Jack Johnson clone “Singing On The Sidewalk,” and the clumsy title track. But with a five record contract with Columbia, Fisher only has time to improve his chops. (Columbia) Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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