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Jen Militia, Berlin Boot Camp

Jen Militia’s vicious third release, Berlin Boot Camp, is a unique blend of rock, rap, and metal all rolled up with radio-ready pop melodies, and reoccurring hardcore screams. Confused yet? Yeah, I was too. But the feeling of outright musical rebellion on Berlin Boot Camp is quite refreshing. While I must admit that rock-rap’s glory days are long gone (or did pop media just fabricate the genre’s popularity?), this sextet has managed to put together a record that redefines the dead genre. Choice cuts include lead off single “This is Not a Test,” “The Circle” and the politically-inclined “G7 Anthem.” All are extremely catchy and I would love to hear them blaring on the radio. But for me the record really peaks on two occasions. Firstly, on the wandering ballad “Citizen Jane” the band introduces soft floating keyboards, backed by Michael Dainjah’s smooth flow. There’s no other moment on the album like this “Citizen,” and you get the feeling that it was created off the floor. And finally, the second moment comes from the passionate hardcore onslaught of final track “Fashizm” which simply leaves you salivating for more. (Independent) Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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