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Janine Gobeil, Janine Gobeil

Winnipeg pianist and songwriter Janine Gobeil got her first big break as a back-up singer for Tiffany (of “I Think We’re Alone Now” fame) on her comeback record Dust Off and Dance. Gobeil must have had a good experience, because she stayed in L.A. long enough to record this honest, heartfelt six-song debut. With tracks like the catchy opener “Perfect Side of Me,” the hopeful “Wander,” and the funky-pop of “OK,” Gobeil clearly demonstrates her ability to write beautiful piano pop melodies, ideal for light rock or jazz radio stations. While Gobeil doesn’t really stretch from these genres, there are two tracks that sound quite different. The sexy, drum heavy “Quick and Witty” is dramatic and instantly reminded me of something Sarah Slean would do. The first single, “Regrets” is a breathtaking ballad that shows off Gobeil’s incomparably beautiful voice. As an extra, this CD comes with the “Regrets” video (directed by Winnipeg’s Scott Catolico) which complements the song perfectly and made me wonder why MuchMore Music doesn’t play more independent music videos (or much music for that matter). While some might find Janine Gobeil a bit too sweet, there’s no denying that she possesses one of Winnipeg’s most captivating voices. (Poppycock Records) Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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