Invisible Man, Music for Lost Souls and Misfits

Invisible Man, Music for Lost Souls and MisfitsI know that Facebook is all the rage, but if you want to find new bands MySpace is still the way to go. One of these online discoveries, for me, was Montreal’s Invisible Man — a heartfelt pop gem amongst the endless Goth-rock bands. Invisible Man's debut Music for Lost Souls and Misfits is full of fun pop hooks and is a must for any fan of Matthew Sweet or even The Wallflowers. Opening with the pretty, piano rock ballad "Beautiful," Invisible Man grabs your attention with a familiar sound without completely ripping off their influences. But what caught me off guard were Chaz Butcher’s (vocals) odd lyric choices. On the endearing acoustic track "Broken" he sings, "Used to think that you were sick/ but now I see you're just a d–k / and that's all you'll ever be." Not the most poetic way of doing things, but it is entertaining and refreshing in its simple, yet genuine emotion. Other notable highlights include the campfire sing-along "Upside Down," the scathing break-up track "Empty Can" and a sure fire hit "Life on Earth." (Independent)

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