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Hawksley Workman, Treeful of Starling

When fans heard early accounts that Hawksley Workman’s fifth effort was going to sound like his quirky debut For Him and the Girls, many fans began to rejoice. But, as always, those rumours are somewhat over exaggerated. Treeful of Starling strictly features sweet love ballads (“You Are Too Beautiful”), slow time waltzes (“You and The Candles”) and organic lullabies (“Rain”, and “A Moth is Not a Butterfly”). Starling is very much unlike his debut and subsequent releases, which had radio rock tracks stuck between slower, quieter pop songs. While Starling is simply made up of piano, acoustic guitar and drums, there’s still a soulful quality that resonates throughout the album that can only be attributed to Workman’s personal style – for example “Ice Age” finishes with a brilliantly placed sax solo, and “It’s A Long Life…” contains some of his most moving vocal work. Without a radio hit on Starling, Workman thrives on the idea of artistic honesty and he manages to create some of his most simple yet earnest songs of his career. (Isadora/Universal Music)

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