Good Luck Chuck

The plot implies comedy: every woman Charlie Logan (Dane Cook) has sex with finds her true love in the next guy she dates. When word gets around, Charlie has a line of ready and willing women hoping for their opportunity to rub the rabbit’s foot.

It is, therefore, hard to believe the movie is not funnier than it is. It is not that there are no laugh-out-loud moments – there are just not enough of them.

Jessica Alba plays Cam, an accident-prone, penguin-obsessed hottie Charlie randomly meets at a wedding reception. Convinced Cam could be the one, Charlie doggedly pursues her despite her many rejections. But even nice guys just want to get laid; so in between clever episodes of flirting with Cam, an entertaining sex montage shows Charlie supplying his services to women in need of a lucky charm.

The film consists largely of sight gags and scenes similar to ones found in American Pie and 40 Days and 40 Nights. Furthermore, Alba seems insincere and awkward in a comedic role; her attempts to be funny read as someone fake-laughing at the boss’ joke. Cook’s performance is passable, relying mostly on his ability to be attractive and deliver lines humorously; conversely, Dan Fogler (Charlie’s best friend Stu) travels the fine line between funny and annoying. The extras selection also leaves one wondering if filmmakers meant to imply beauty is generally found in big-breasted blondes.

The opening sequence is one of the funniest scenes in the film and does not even involve any of the principal cast. Unfortunately, most of the other comic scenes are shown or foreshadowed in the trailer. On the plus side, the film teaches audiences several little-known facts about penguins.

Mark Helfrich has successfully served as editor on numerous blockbuster films; unfortunately, his directorial debut falls short.

Good Luck Chuck is going to need all the luck it can get.

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