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Goldspot, Tally of the Yes Men

Goldspot’s full-length debut represents a year and a half of crafting spacious guitar pop, riddled with mid-eighties influences from R.E.M. to The Smiths. But what makes Goldspot all the more special is that Siddhartha (lead vocals, guitar) and collaborator Ramy Antoun (percussion) fall back on their East Indian backgrounds to create some of the most memorable vocal melodies heard in a long time. Opening track and first single, “Rewind” starts off with an instantly appealing acoustic strum, and then builds into lush layers of electric guitars and well-placed xylophone breaks just before the unbelievably catchy chorus. The rest of Tally seems fashioned towards “Rewind.” The tracks all have similar arrangements including the slow build, quirky inserts of piano and keyboard effects. Yet, the songs don’t sound alike — Goldspot manage to diversify just enough to keep standouts like “Time Bomb” (should be the break out single), “The Assistant” (Siddhartha’s outlook on office life) and “Friday” (the overjoyed musings of the weekend) all the more interesting. Tally is a strong effort from Goldspot, who continue to grow and redefine their sound — especially now that they’re finally touring and not holed up inside some studio. (Union Records)

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