Movie Reviews: ‘Fly Me to the Moon’

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There have been lots of movies released in 3-D as of late, including Monster House, Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour, Beowulf and most recently Journey to the Centre of the Earth. But Fly Me to the Moon is the first theatrical release of a computer-animated feature film designed, created and produced exclusively for the third dimension (versus adapting a two-dimensional film to the format).

Three tween-age flies decide to hitch a ride with the astronauts of Apollo 11 and make history by being the first flies on the moon. However, when the Russian flies get wind of their plan, they attempt to sabotage the boys’ mission. Meanwhile, Grandpa fly, whose tales of valour and glory inspired the young flies’ undertaking, receives a visit from an old Russian acquaintance who offers her help.

The choice to use insects as the main characters for a 3-D film is clever because it provides numerous opportunities in addition to the customary items projecting out of the screen to be in the shadow of towering objects and go through or under obstacles. The result is a film that brings you inside the action more than any of the 3-D ventures before it.

The story is little more complicated than a Saturday morning cartoon’s so it has trouble holding the attention of the older folks; but the kids were captivated and the new-fangled style of 3-D is remarkable enough to keep the grownups interested.

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