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Feist, The Reminder

Feist, The ReminderLeslie Feist captured the hearts of indie rock hipsters the world over with her highly acclaimed debut Let it Die, and her follow up isn’t about changing that.

On The Reminder, not a whole lot has changed since Let it Die, as Feist continues to write the same kind of chic, mid-tempo tracks with organic nuances like handclaps, relaxed keyboard arrangements, and Feist’s sweet and delicate vocal delivery.

While there are no clear highlights here, it’s imperative to listen to the entire record to fully understand Feist’s soulful vision. The Reminder‘s concept is a universal one: it’s intent is to break your heart, and hopefully piece it back together by the album closer “How My Heart Behaves” (featuring Ron Sexsmith).

Between all that drama, Feist manages to pull together gem after gem. “The Park” is a perfect acoustic singer-songwriter song complete with chirping birds; Feist’s cover of Nina Simone’s “See-Line Woman” (retitled “Sealion”) is transformed with African chants and guitar; while the communal harmony of “1-2-3-4” features a duelling brass band, honky-tonk banjo and some memorable low-pitched backing vocals.

Although Feist has not taken many chances musically on The Reminder she has created a raw, and personal effort that will surely break into mainstream consciousness. (Arts & Crafts/EMI)

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