Farley Mowat, Otherwise

He has sold more than 14 million books worldwide. His books have been translated into 52 languages. He was made an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1981. Few Canadian authors have reached the international stature of Farley Mowat, a writer who has shaped the way Canadians view themselves and the environment.

The author of more than 40 books since 1952, Mowat continues with Otherwise, a memoir of the formative years that shaped him as an author. Set between 1937 and 1948, he chronicles the life that led him to service during the war and the trials he faced trying to fit into post-war Canadian culture. He discusses what directed him to become one of the first environmental activists and how he came to fight the Canadian government for Inuit rights. This account describes the diversity of Mowat’s life in a fashion only he could achieve.

Reputedly, this is Mowat’s last book. At 87-years-old, that is a very strong possibility. But the old entertainers adage is “always leave them wanting more” and Mowat has certainly succeeded here. Fortunately, he has a very large library to read through – there always seems to be more.

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