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Evanescence, The Open Door

Angry, circa 1998 nu-metal guitars, check. Quiet introspective bridges, check. Over the top gloomy lyrics, check. Freaky strings taken from latest popular, horror flick, check. Yearning, but screaming vocals, check. What a recipe for a hit record! Now before we get tons of hate mail, I do realize that lead vocalist Amy Lee can most definitely sing and play piano better then I can. However, it still doesn’t give her the right to sing in her annoying upper register for a full album. We hate it when Céline Dion does that, and the cringe factor doesn’t go away when roaring guitars are added into the mix. And while The Open Door does indeed roar, it still comes off completely cheesy (pick a track, any track!). For example, lead single “Call Me When Your Sober” is supposed to be a pointed commentary to Lee’s ex-boyfriend, Seether lead vocalist Shaun Morgan: “Don’t cry to me, if you loved me, you would be here with me.” What she doesn’t tell you is that Morgan went into rehab and the poor, poor, poor Lee had to spend time alone because of it. While fans will probably eat up this release, hopefully others will see it for the soulless, and painfully contrived piece of plastic that it is. (Wind-Up Records)

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