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Erin McKeown, We Will Become Like Birds

Throughout the 90’s, Erin McKeown was identified as a folk singer but with each critically acclaimed album she distanced herself from that label and began throwing in influences from many different genres. Along the way, McKeown became proficient on bass, piano, electric and acoustic guitars as well as banjo and mandolin, eliminating the idea of recording with a band. But on McKeown’s latest album, We Will Become Like Birds, she found that the songs demanded a more collaborative sound. Joined by Matt Chamberlain (Drums), Sebastian Steinberg (Bass), and Steve Moore (Keyboards), Birds is a seductive set of pop rock songs based around transformation and realization of one’s strengths. Highlights include the country-swinger “We Are More,” the fiery “To The Stars,” the stirring opener “Aspera” and the rough “Bells And Bombs.” Another great move by McKeown is the addition of electronic artist Juana Molina whose clever techno flourishes can be found on most of the tracks (especially on “The Golden Dream” and “Life On The Moon”), giving them a sense of space and hint of mystery. We Will Become Like Birds is McKeown’s most natural record, and hopefully she will continue to find ways to explore, and evolve her sound. (Nettwerk)  Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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