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Elliott Brood, Ambassador

These bluegrass hooligans describe their sound as “Death Country” and with their sophomore release, Ambassador, they completely live up to the coined term. Elliott Brood is made up of Mark Sasso (banjo, vocals), Steve Pitkin (drums), and Casey Laforet (guitar) and with their aggressive, dark sound they give a completely different spin on bluegrass music. But, it’s not all foreboding, Ambassador is still full of great pop melodies especially in “ Second Son,”“The Bridge,” and “Twill.” What really gives Elliott Brood their distinct sound though is lead vocalist Sasso’s desert dry voice, which sounds like it’s been through too many late night binges of sorrow. For those who don’t want a cut-and-dry bluegrass release, Elliott Brood’s Ambassador will surely wet those Gothic appetites. (Six Shooter)

Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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