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Dearly Beloved, You are the Jaguar

Dearly Beloved is Rob Higgins’ (Change of Heart, Rocket Science) latest vehicle for his brand of alternative rock. The last time we heard from Higgins, he teamed up with ex-Watchmen member Daniel Greaves under the moniker Doctor. Their one release, High is as High Gets, was an underrated debut that featured Greaves rich vocals alongside Higgins rock fury. It’s too bad the band dissolved before they could settle their differences and further explore their collective talents. But enough about the past, because with Dearly Beloved it sounds like Higgins and his band of misfits are doing just fine without Greaves.

You are the Jaguar is a thoughtful, full out rock assault that reminds me of a mix between pedal-to-the-metal indie rockers Blurtonia (Ian Blurton), and the free form soundscapes of The Swallows (Glen Michem of Blue Rodeo). And the similarities don’t end there – two of my favourite tracks “Perils of a Snap Decision” and “The Butler Routine” sound like they could have came right off The New Pornographers’ Twin Cinema.

Despite all these obvious comparisons, Dearly Beloved’s You are a Jaguar clearly demonstrates the bands raw talent for creating some gritty Can-rock, with enough pop remedy to attract new listeners. Let’s just hope that Higgins can keep this band together to further develop there own sound. (Kindling Music/Rocket Science)

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