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David Usher, If God Had Curves

Usher’s post-Moist career has been a steady diet of polished rock with hints of lush electronic layers, so fans hoping for a return to his old hard rockin’ ways will be disappointed with his latest disc of stripped down, soft rock. If God Had Curves (his first for artist-friendly label Maple Music) is a cohesive, atmospheric record with a humanistic theme. But like 2003’s Hallucinations, this cohesiveness can lead to same-sounding tracks. Even highlights like opener “Long Goodbye” and first single “Love Will Save The Day,” with its cheesy (but believable) sentiment, can’t hide the fact that rest of the album is made up of mid-tempo fillers. Which is too bad because Usher’s lyrical savvy is in full force and hearing about hope for humanity is more important than anything playing on the radio now. (Maple Music) Rating: 2.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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