Dana Wylie Band, The Unruly Ones

Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Louis Armstrong and Sublime are only some of the artists that adorn the cover of Dana Wylie’s sophomore release. Obviously, they have all shaped the Wylie band's rich pop/grassroots sound in some way, but these unruly ones have managed to find their own personal style. A big part of that sound is Wylie’s upfront, dance-y piano lines that dodge and bounce just as swiftly as her lyrical choices. At times, trying to catch one of Wylie’s witty, lighting-quick lines is like watching an episode of Flight of the Conchords – sometimes you get the joke and other times you don’t. Let’s not forget that this project is a collaborative effort: her tight backing band includes drummer Jeremy Hellerd and double bassist Nye Parsons, and they swing and groove with the best jazz players around. Overall, The Unruly Ones is well worth seeking out as it's easily one of this year's most surprising, fun and fresh takes on country music. (Tiny White Girl Records)

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