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Coralie Clément, Bye Bye Beautié

French-born Coralie Clément’s 2002 debut, Salle des Pas Perdus, was entirely written by her brother, musician Benjamin Bioley. Critics loved how that record blended classical and pop arrangements, but Clément found that she wanted to find her own musical path. On her dazzling sophomore release, Bye Bye Beautié, Clément enlists post-grunge band Nada Surf and her brother (this time armed with a electric guitar) to give her an edgier, yet familiar indie pop sound. Standout tracks include “Indecise,” “L’Enfer” and “Un Beau Jour Pour Mourir” — the last two are both driven by a hypnotic guitar pattern that will have you humming for the rest of the week. Despite her success in the pop rock department, Clément shines most when she sings ballads — on “Gloria” her vocals are coupled with a minimal mix of reverb guitar and lovely flutes. However, it’s disappointing that Bye Bye Beautié might not be given a chance in the English-language market since Clément sings entirely in French. Which is too bad because Clément has recorded a catchy, melody driven album that establishes her as an artist growing into her own. (Nettwerk) Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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