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Conjure One, Extraordinary Ways

Since the late eighties, producer, mixer, and musician Rhys Fulber has worked with many different genres and artists – from his underground industrial band Frontline Assembly to the ambient Grammy award winning Delerium – and has always been one step ahead of the trends. On Conjure One’s 2002 self-titled debut, Fulber laid out grand themes based on Middle Eastern travels. Extraordinary Ways , like it’s predecessor, continues with an electronic world beat sound, but the songs on Extraordinary feel very organic. On tracks like “Endless Dream,” “Pilgrimage” and “Forever Lost,” there’s a greater emphasis on space and pulsing rhythmic beats. Besides the tight production, Fulber has an ear for great vocalists – the ethereal Poe sings on three of the best tracks (“Endless Dream,” “One Word,” and “Extraordinary Ways”), but new collaborator Joanna Stevens’ sweeping voice steals the show on the Dead Can Dance influenced “Dying Light.” Overall, Conjure One is an auditory journey that only gets better after repeated listens. (Nettwerk) Rating: 3 Out Of 5 Stars

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