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Christine Fellows, Paper Anniversary

It’s been four years since Winnipeg singer-songwriter Christine Fellows released The Last One Standing — so what has she been doing all these years? From the sound of her third full-length, Paper Anniversary, it seems that Fellows has been assembling lost field recordings, experimenting with loops and samples, and all the while tying up loose melodies with gorgeously written short stories. Paper Anniversary begins with the twinkling ivories of “Vertebrae” before introducing Fellows’ soft vocals, subtle drums, and deep string section. While the rest of Anniversary plays out with the same foundation of instruments, each track is carefully put together to offer something new. “Face Down, Feet First” utilize a playful drum machine beat, the title track has a lovely off beat keyboard, and “Instructions On How To Dissect A Ground Owl” samples a cat purring. Fellows always creates engaging and fun albums to listen to, and with each new release she continues to out do herself; but hopefully the wait won’t be so long for the next release. (Six Shooter) Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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