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Album Review: Celleste, ‘Ready to Fly’

The best description of Celleste’s debut is right on her bio page: “Modern Classic Rock.” Opening with the one-two punch of first single “Real Love,” you’ll get the gist of her sound — a safe mix of radio rock and light bar-blues with straight up verse-chorus arrangements. From here, Ready to Fly unfolds just as you expect it would. She continues the tough girl act on “Yer Goin’ Down,” where she proclaims, “I’ve got the best of Louis, Frazier, Leonard, and Ali” — and to be honest, she does. Celleste’s vocals pack a wallop. She can pull off soaring piano ballads (“Falling”, “Beyond Words”) and classic country-rock (“Drive”, “Best I Can”). The title track and eight-minute closer is what Celleste is all about; with its 70’s inspired guitar solos, Supertramp inspired vocal acrobatics and winding slow to fast movements, it’s the perfect way to end an album that is clearly just the beginning of a budding music career. (Mighty Music)

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