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Album Review: Cathy Dennis, ‘The Irresistible Cathy Dennis’

Available only as a UK import, this 18-track collection is a compilation of Dennis’ three full-length recordings. You remember Dennis, don’t you?

Ten years ago, here debut CD Move to This spawned three top-10 hits, “Touch Me (All Night Long),” “Just Another Dream” and “Too Many Walls.” Dismissed as a British Madonna clone, Dennis’ thin vocals overshadowed her immense talent as a pop songwriter, musician and producer. Now semi-retired at 32, Dennis has a lucrative career writing and producing for teen-oriented acts S Club 7 and the Spice Girls.

The Irresistible doesn’t contain any new tracks, most of the singles featured are hard to find edits or radio remixes. This simple, but infectious pop retrospective is a vital distillation of Dennis, one of the 90’s most underrated artists.

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