Carvelli, The Movement

The most peculiar thing about Carvelli’s debut EP (besides it containing three different versions of the title track) is he takes every opportunity to let you know he’s Italian. Italians can rap and make beats? Should this blow away the listener? I remember a junior high friend scratching and rapping; I think he was Italian too. The Movement is a standard hip-hop album full of modern-day raps about how many women Carvelli has and how rich he is. Carvelli even goes as far to compare himself to Pavarotti, Sinatra, and Pacino. However, he does not have the production value or flow to back up any of his boasting. From a production standpoint, there are some embarrassing moments: at the end of "The Movement (version one)," he concludes the song by saying “ciao” with a long delay and fade out; “C.E.O.” is full of bad clap tracks and “High Rollers” is just an obnoxious mess of Casio keyboards. At the end of the day, hip-hop is about what you are saying and Carvelli is not saying a lot. (Carvelli Records)

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