Candace Savage, Bees: Nature’s Little Wonders

The planet has been experiencing a dramatic drop in the bee population – a global disaster of potentially epic proportions. The ramifications of these losses are huge: bees are responsible for maintaining significant portions of our ecosystem via the seemingly simple act of pollination. Their actions are, in truth, vital to the survival of several of the Earth’s species, with some scientists even going as far as speculating that if all of the bees die we won’t be far behind.

An author gifted with the ability to present science, nature and pop culture in a complimentary tone, Candace Savage’s discussion of “nature’s little wonders” is a subtly disturbing and honest portrait of the current state of bees while painting a beautiful image of the life these insects lead. Co-published with the David Suzuki Foundation, this book is a truly enjoyable read with facts framed by beautiful images and bee-themed poetry from the likes of Lorna Crozier.

The only downside is it is more fun than serious; you often find yourself wanting more of the doom and gloom prevalent in much of today’s natural history literature. It is not really the desired “call to arms” against a waiting ecological disaster often overshadowed by more publicized issues such as Global Warming one might want.

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