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Buck Brothers, Me

From reading up on the U.K. collective of bassist/singer Andy Duke, guitarist Pete Sellers, and drummer Alice Bones – it seems that Daniel “Harry Potter” Radcliffe highly endorses them, which in the grand scheme of things means absolutely nothing, but if that’s your cup of tea then the Buck Brothers are for you. All kidding aside, the power-rock trio’s highly anticipated debut, Me, is full of loud, grating guitars, pounding drums, and Andy Duke’s inventive, and fun bass lines. If you’re coming here for introspective lyrics, and epic rock textures, The Buck Brothers are not for you. For example “Liar” features a recurring guitar theme with Duke’s monotonous vocals (which by the way, you either love or hate) repeating, “You’re a liar, a big fat liar.” Actually, that’s the basis for the entire album – throwing the song title in the chorus and then repeating it till one day you find yourself singing at work, “I’m gorgeously stupid, gorgeously stupid, I can’t remember my name” from the ingeniously entitled “Gorgeously Stupid.” In the end, the Buck Brothers are for those drunken party weekends where it doesn’t matter what you listen to, as long as it rocks, it rocks. (Back 2 Forward Records)

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