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Brian Byrne, Tailor Made

To me Brian Byrne’s debut, Tuesdays, Thursday and if it rains, was a big disappointment. His transformation from hard-rock vocalist for I Mother Earth, to freewheelin’ country boy was just a bit too forced. So it’s quite a pleasant surprise that a mere year later Byrne’s Tailor Made kicks some serious ass. Shuffling from gritty dime-store rockers (The title track and “Colder Then The Lake”) road weary sketches (“Home” and “Mountain Feelin’”) and AM golden oldies (“Beautiful” and “Easy Come”) – Byrne is out to impress. Taking inspiration from fellow Canadians Blue Rodeo, Matt Mayes & El Torpedo and Corb Lund, Byrne is in the process of finding his own Southern rock niche. With his distinctive gruff voice and down-to-earth story telling, don’t be surprised if you hear modern country-rock stations pick up on this one. (Kindling Music)

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