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Bobnoxious, Rockaholics

If you met the dudes of Bobnoxious down some dark alleyway they would either seriously kick your ass, or (more likely) get you so sloppy drunk that you’d wake up on your neighbours yard with the sprinkler going off around you. This is no artsy record; its pure, raw punk music, and is all about partying as hard as you can, leaving no bottle dry. Made up of Bob Reid (lead vocals, guitar), Jeffy B (guitar), Wylie (Drums), and Stan (Bass) these misfits are a talented bunch of musicians with tight melody-driven songs that are as catchy as hell. Just to show you how much fun these guys are, their sophomore release, Rockaholics, comes with a drinking game – basically with each track there are a set of shots, or beers you must finish within the songs allotted time. So if you don’t die of alcohol poisoning, you can send them a picture of yourself by albums end and receive a certified “Rockaholics Diploma” (but it will cost you $19.95). Besides this novelty, Rockaholics is a solid record of party anthems that won’t fade into background music… unless of course you pass out(Wannabe Records) Rating: 3.5 Out Of 5 Stars

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