Blood Car

Most drivers could not imagine living without their precious vehicles. But how much would any one of them be willing to sacrifice to stay on the road?

If you have seen The Little Shop of Horrors, the story may seem familiar – only a bloodthirsty car has replaced the carnivorous plant.

It is the very near future and gas prices have risen to over $30 per liter. No one drives anymore. In fact, most cars have been sent to the graveyard. Archie (Mike Brune) is a kindergarten teacher determined to get his car running again using wheatgrass as an alternative fuel source. But his attempts remain unsuccessful until a little blood accidentally gets added to the mix.

Archie soon learns having the only car in town is equivalent to having the coolest and guys with cool cars have sex in those cars. So when the loose girl of his wet dreams (Katie Rowlett) starts riding shotgun, the cute Greenpeace girl in glasses (Anna Chlumsky) is left watching taillights. Of course, all the vegan schoolteacher has to do to keep the car rocking is keep the tank full. And do not think the government is not on to his little science project.

The film’s social relevance is evident as gas prices had just recently risen to all-time highs and the search for alternative fuel sources seemed invaluable. Moreover, if one wanted to attach more significance to it, oil has brought death to numerous life forms through spills and war, so the idea of a car running on blood is not inappropriate.

On the other hand, the film is an absurd comedy about a man who has sworn not to kill any living creature discovering getting laid takes priority over his oath. Watching Archie’s pathetic attempts at obtaining fuel propels the film and keeps audiences in stitches.

Then again, the film is littered with obligatory tit shots and a running gag involving strangers having random car sex.

Blood Car is not about to be entered into the lexicon of great horror flicks but it is good for some laughs and mixes in some political significance for good measure.

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