Bitch Academy

Some are born with it, some aren't – some need a class to learn it.

The "it" in question is the ability to successfully seduce a man. A group of women in Russia feel they are lacking in this area so they take a class – taught by a man – to learn the skills employed by a seductress. They're told how to dress, act and dance to entice that special guy. Then they're shown how to get anything they want once they have him. But it's not all about games; the teacher also helps/tells some of the students to overcome their low self-esteem or fears of rejection.

The women in this class allow themselves to be critiqued and filmed at their most vulnerable. Some are just looking for tips to improve their technique, while others feel incapable of success without help. One woman wants to marry a millionaire, while another is too afraid to actually put herself out there as a "passionate" woman. But they all speak openly, never displaying any real signs of frustration.

In the end, their money and time appears ill spent as one woman complains that she's changed who she is without a guarantee; the teacher's response is to tell her nothing he's told them may work because men know all these things and are not easily deceived.

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