Bill Richardson, Old Father William’s Well-Ordered Universe

In the face of a pulsating universe that perplexes and bewilders him, Old Father William has retreated to the one room of his house in which he feels safe: his bathroom. In the safety of that space, he has put together a tapestry of “facts” from which he derives his understanding of the world just outside the door.

Best known for his work on CBC Radio, specifically the long-running and beloved “Richardson’s Roundup,” Bill Richardson is also the author of several books with his newest just released. In Old Father William’s Well-Ordered Universe, he flexes his well-toned comedy muscles to provide some of the oddest bathroom reading put to paper in the last decade.

This book is packed with strange facts, inventive word play and some of the corniest puns ever dreamt of. But please keep in mind that you are allowed to read it in another room; just because his alter ego wrote it in the bathroom doesn’t mean you absolutely have to read it there.

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