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Bedouin Soundclash, Street Gospels

Released back in August, Bedouin Soundclash’s third disc debuted at number two on the Canadian charts marking the band as one of our nations most popular acts.I can understand why; Bedouin Soundclash writes some really nice reggae songs easily digested by the public. Let’s be honest, Bedouin Soundclash are so safe that it’s like the soundtrack as you shop at Wal-Mart.

With an album title like Street Gospels I was hoping for something with a bit more intensity. Instead, what you get is watered-down reggae scrubbed clean with Pro Tools removing any sources of character. One major problem with the disc is that an irritating echo filter muffles every track. Surely this is what sucks the energy out of Bedouin because I’ve seen these guys live and they put on quite a show.

Bedouin are no doubt talented; but you may have a problem sitting though this one from beginning to end – a Soundclash they’re not. (Dine Alone Records)

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