Artie Lange, Too Fat to Fish

Stand-up comedian, Mad TV-alum and cohort of the infamous New York radio personality Howard Stern, Artie Lange has chosen to grace us with his life’s story in the form of what should be a fantastic autobiography. Unfortunately, it’s just not that funny; unlike his work on Stern’s show opposite the likes of George Takei.

The ultimate irony is the issue that drags this book down turns out to be the Howard Stern show; 90% of what should be hilarious is simply boring because he has told the stories on the show already. There is a surprising amount of recycled material. That being said, if you’re a fan of Artie Lange’s style of comedy but don’t listen to Sirius Radio you will probably enjoy this more.

Lange gets into his life, suicide attempt and rampant drug and alcohol abuse then finishes the book with his thoughts on the war. The ending about Iraq comes off misplaced if not a little condescending. The book only serves to highlight Lange’s severe substance abuse problems and point out famous people who have helped him along the way. Some Lange fans will love the book, some will hate it; but the reality is that it should have been a lot funnier considering the author.

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