Armin van Buuren, Imagine

Armin van Buuren, ImagineArmin van Buuren is the world's number one DJ, for good reason. He has a weekly radio show, a record label and a packed international touring schedule, and his latest album, Imagine, is further evidence of why his trance productions are so in-demand. With 11 tracks of consistent beats, you can definitely put in some serious cardio with Imagine, but it's not all progressive trance, as there is much variety to be found beyond the BPM. Notable tracks include Chris Jones' rock-edged vocals in "Going Wrong", the electro-robotic trance-driven, "Hold On to Me" and the melodic "Fine Without You." All the tracks, except for "Going Wrong," explode with unique, female, vocal talent. Overall, Imagine is an upbeat album that can be described as melodic and progressive. But reach for something else if yoga and pilates is your thing.

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