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Apostle of Hustle, National Anthem of Nowhere

Andrew Whiteman is best known for his work as lead guitarist for Broken Social Scene, but that’s all about to change with his second effort, National Anthem of Nowhere, released under the Apostle of Hustle moniker. AOH’s debut Folkloric Feel was a sprawling, Latin-flavoured collage that was all about the vibe and less about making concrete pop songs. On Nowhere, Whiteman and fellow colleges Julian Brown (bass) and Dean Stone (percussion) streamline their songs into instant pop gems without sacrificing their love of world music. Standouts include “iRafaga!” and “Fast Pony for Victory Jane” which are sung in Spanish and layered with creative, odd time signatures. While the title track, “Cheap Like Sebastian”, and “Justine, Beckoning” represent more traditional, sing-along rock, they will surely transfer well to their live show. AOH’s Nowhere is a major step forward for Whiteman that will ensure him a place outside of BSS’s massive shadow. (Arts & Crafts) Rating: 4 Out Of 5 Stars

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