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Alice Deejay, Who Needs Guitars Anyway?

Alice Deejay scored with their international smash “Better off Alone,” and it’s easy to see why — you don’t need to be fluent to understand a song that’s two sentences deep: “Do you think you’re better off alone/ Talk to me oohoohooho talk to me.” I’d call it minimalist if it didn’t sound so lazy. This DJ collective is catchy in a brainless sort of way; they make Britney sound like Dylan. Witty critical barbs aside, it’s all about the beats in Who Needs Guitars Anyway? Unfortunately, they get awfully repetitive after a few listens. Alice Deejay is a group with little to say, but as club-fare it serves its purpose. That doesn’t excuse the lack of variety on Guitars, though. Perhaps this disc is best admired for its novelty. It’s confounding to think that it has sold over four million copies worldwide.

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Robert J. Ballantyne is the editor-in-chief at Popjournalism. Previously, he was a journalist at the CBC on a number of news programs including the fifth estate, Marketplace and The National. He also worked as a staff writer at the Toronto Star
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