Album Review: Kelly Clarkson, 'Piece By Piece Remixed'

Following the resurgence of Kelly Clarkson’s single “Piece By Piece” after an emotional performance on American Idol in February, her label has rush-released a new remix album. Six of the remixes are new, while two others are culled from previous single releases — the Lenno remix of “Heartbeat Song” and the Vicetone remix of “Invincible.” It’s oddly bookended by two new ballad renditions: the Idol Version of “Piece By Piece,” and a live version of “Tightrope.”

Fans will love the new remixes and recordings, while casual fans will probably just want the Idol Version that’s currently climbing the U.S. top 10 (it peaked at #17 on the Canadian Hot 100).

As for the new remixes, they’re all radio-length, radio-friendly dance versions of tracks from Piece By Piece, with “Second Wind (Cheat Codes Remix)” and “Nostalgic (Mighty Mike & Teesa aka Kolaj Remix)” standing out among the collection.

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