Zombie Girl: The Movie

The advancements in technology are putting the ability to create a motion picture in anybody’s hand, regardless of education, economic-standing or, in this case, age. Zombie Girl: The Movie chronicles a 12-year-old girl’s journey to completing her directorial debut, Pathogen.

Emily Hagins and her mom have been sci-fi and horror junkies for years. So when Emily announces she’s completed a zombie script and is ready to shoot her first feature-length film, mom is right behind her ready to act as producer, boom operator, makeup artist and all-around mom of all trades. But it’s definitely not smooth sailing. A lack of experience and know-how and the encumbrance of other things like homework and a limited allowance turn a small project into a multi-year endeavour. Then there are the constant clashes between mom and daughter’s directorial vision for the film.

It’s wonderful to see a tween with such dedication and passion but it is also exceedingly obvious Emily has a lot to learn. She packs up one shooting location only to return to the same location later the same day and her concept of scheduling is very loose. One of the most appalling moments comes when she unapologetically states you should not have to think about movies because that is what books are for; her mother then qualifies this by saying maybe not all movies but zombie movies. As fans of George Romero, both of them should know better. Get the girl a book about horror – or at least make her listen to a commentary.

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