The scene and the herd

People.comThe style experts at People magazine have determined the best and worst of this summer's fashion trends (the "best of the worst" being the half-glove worn by Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.) But fashion isn’t the only thing that seems to be subject to stupid trends these days. There is also some seriously bizarre A-list behaviour going on that has even the savviest star-stalkers stumped:

Walking the streets barefoot
Sienna Miller, Keira Knightley, Nicole Richie – they can all afford shoes, but evidently, money can’t buy common sense. You’d think they would have learned a thing or two after Britney Spears stepped on a hypodermic needle in a parking lot. Perhaps a public service announcement is in order.

Orange tans
It’s commendable that fewer people are cooking the crap out of their skin to achieve a fleetingly darker share of pale. But actually flaunting the fake orange glow seems to be a relatively new and baffling phenomenon.

Smoking "sexy," say socialites
In an interview with GQ magazine, Lindsay Lohan, who suffers from asthma, had this to say about her habit: "Smoking is a dirty habit. It’s a dirty habit for a dirty little girl." Her nemesis, Paris Hilton has been quoted as saying: "Smoking is so sexy." To all the young people and even the misguided old people who look up to these two, just remember: these are the same people who brought you the half-glove (see above).

Going to Starbucks
No longer just reserved for boring dates, going for Starbucks is all the rage in Hollywood. Is it an innocent attempt to re-gain some semblance of a normal life, or a trendy photo op? You decide.

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