TV & Video Review: Moonlight (Complete Series) (DVD)

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If people with superhuman abilities become crime fighters, it should be no surprise that Moonlight is about a vampire who is also a private investigator preying on the city's scum.

Mick St. John (Alex O'Loughlin) lives in Los Angeles with a few hundred other vampires. He's only been a bloodsucker for a little over 50 years, but having been turned against his will, he despises the monster within. However, he uses his knowledge and abilities to detect and solve cases that are beyond the understanding of police. While working a case, Mick saves Beth Turner (Sophia Myles), an online reporter struggling to gain credibility. As it becomes apparent they have more than friendly feelings towards each other, each must decide if the risk is worthwhile.

Of course this plot has played across our screens before. The Canadian equivalent was Forever Knight (1989-1996), about a vampire cop. The more popular and engaging point of reference is the Buffy-spinoff, Angel (1999-2004). However, although both are about vampire P.I.s, Moonlight operates under the assumption vampires are the only monsters roaming the Earth.

The characters are somewhat bland; Mick in particular lacks the charisma to carry a show. His friend Josef (Jason Dohring), on the other hand, is witty and charming. It would appear producers also took notice of his allure as his screen time increased as the series progressed.

Unfortunately, as is true for most series that do not make it past the first season, the story is incomplete and concludes in somewhat of a cliff-hanger that will never be resolved.

There were no DVD bonus features to review.

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