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Tanya Kim: backstage report on the 2005 Juno Awards

For the lowdown on all the behind-the-scenes action at the Juno Awards, we turned to red carpet interviewer and eTalk Daily reporter Tanya Kim to give us a rundown of the night’s big events.

Who were the best dressed celebs of the night?

Keshia Chanté and Fefe Dobson were macked out. Especially Fefe though, when compared to last year, she looked more womanly. Also, Sarah Slean in her red, vintage dress.

There were two noticeable absences on the red carpet this year: k.d. lang and k-os.

Yeah, k-os, that little shit. He said he had other things to do, but I gave him trouble afterwards. He’s a friend and I’ve known him for a couple of years now. I’m really proud of him. As for k.d., I don’t know what happened with her, but she blew the roof off with her performance and got two standing ovations. She definitely made up for it.

k.d. was the best performer of the night, then?

Yeah. It’s funny how the Junos unites people of different generations and styles. Backstage even [rock groups] Billy Talent and Simple Plan said she was the highlight performance.

Was it hard to avoid all the drinks and food in the interview room?

Ben [Mulroney] and I had a celebratory red carpet wine since the bosses were happy with what we did… Let’s just say it was not all work.

You said on the red carpet that Ben had Fefe Dobson’s “Bye Bye Boyfriend” ringtone on his cell. Is that true?

(Laughs) No, that was a joke we planned. He knew I was going to say that.

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