Snakes on the brain

Snakes on a PlaneI don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this summer’s most anticipated movie, Snakes on a Plane, has changed the way I look at life; and, more importantly, the way I look at Samuel L. Jackson.

Jackson’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last week cleared up some of the facts surrounding the film, which, until now, have been largely up in the air — with the snakes.

Confirmed: Jackson wanted to keep the title Snakes on a Plane
When producers expressed reservations about giving too much away in the title and wanted to change it to Pacific Flight 121, a rattled Jackson recoiled. He told DeGeneres: "I signed on to do Snakes on a Plane. I want people to know that when they come to this movie, you're gonna see snakes — and you're gonna see people trapped on a plane with snakes."

Confirmed: Jackson will actually deliver the line you’ve been waiting for
“It’s time to get these mother f—in' snakes off this mother f—in' plane!”

Confirmed: Snakes cannot be trained. They can only be managed
Jackson explained: "That’s what I kept telling these guys! They would always go, ‘the snake trainers are comin’!’ and I’d say, no — they’re snake handlers.”

Confirmed: You’re not the only one already thinking of the sequel
Go ahead, Google Snakes on a Train.

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