Slightly Used

Swindler, scammer and slicker are just a few of the many words people use to describe one of the most distrusted professions in the universe – used car salesman. Their reputation precedes even the best of them, which makes their jobs all the more interesting. Used car salesmen have been the focal point of countless horror stories and the punch line of more than a few jokes. However, like’em or hate’em they’ve been a fundamental part of modern consumerism.

Blake Van de Graaf’s sophomore film Slightly Used spares no cliché while exploiting society’s bittersweet relationship with the used car lot. Employees are comical and the antics are exaggerated making the film a hysterical indie ride. Neil Green delivers a script that is best described as Trailer Park Boys meets The Office. The story pits two rival sales teams against each other with the winner being crowned “Hot Shot of the Month.” It is in their quest to obtain this highly coveted, yet sleazy, title that hilarity ensues. The film’s cast showcases some of Canada’s promising talent, including Saffron Cassaday who plays Alyssa, the secretary and love interest of more than a few of her co-workers.

Given the state of our automotive industry, Slightly Used provides a light-hearted escape from what seems like a doomed sector. Although low budget and unmistakably indie, this film holds its own due to the unintentionally contemporary content and a laugh-out-loud screenplay.

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