Silence of Lorna

There are a few films dealing with the immigration of people from former Soviet republics to Western Europe. Once they arrive, they begin a life not much better than the one they left behind, forced to engage in prostitution and other criminal behaviour.

In this case, Lorna (Arta Dobroshi), a young Albanian woman, was married to Claudy (Jérémie Renier), a drug addict, to obtain her Belgian citizenship. But the gangster who made the arrangements do not want to pay Claudy the divorce bonus and intend on using his drug use to cover the tracks of a murder. Except, before they can cause him to overdose, he enters rehab and gets clean. Lorna is set to marry a Russian and make some money of her own but his patience is growing thin so she needs a new marital status fast.

The story is intriguing and maintains a level of dramatics that draws in the audience and keeps their attention, even when not a lot appears to be happening. However, the turn the ending takes is perplexing because there are so many more logical turns the story could have taken. Also, Lorna is constantly wearing red but her character does not fit the standard definition that the colour represents (i.e. murderer, harlot, etc.). By the end, you are so confused by Lorna's actions that it pushes you right out of the picture.

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