Sex Drive

American Pie revitalized the teen sex comedy Porky's-style almost a decade ago. Sex Drive may not be as groundbreaking but you will squirm, giggle, and laugh out loud.

Ian (Josh Zuckerman) is at risk of starting college a virgin. His pudgy Casanova friend Lance (Clark Duke) has tried amending the situation but their best gal pal Felicia (Amanda Crew) somehow prevents success at every turn. Ian lives at home, which eventually leads to the revelation that his younger brother has more game than him. Ian's older brother Rex (James Marsden) torments him every chance he gets. But when Rex leaves town without his vintage Pontiac GTO, Ian grows a set and steals the keys. He and his friends set out on a road trip from Chicago to Knoxville so Ian can lose his virginity to Ms. Tasty, a hot blonde he's been talking to on the Internet. Of course, they encounter a lot of roadblocks on the way.

The concept is not new and when the audience was bombarded by a series of dick jokes, my eyes slid into rolling position. But the comedy is rescued by the road trip, which affords the writers more opportunity for hilarity. Most notable is Seth Green's Amish car mechanic Ezekiel. His deadpan sarcasm is priceless. And apparently Amish kids on Ramspringa, a right of passage spring break-style, really know how to party.

Another character worth mentioning is SeƱor Donut. By day, it's just a big rubber donut suit Ian is forced to wear for work; but by night, it's a fierce crimefighting pastry. He is sure to be found decorating t-shirts shortly.

Zuckerman, Crew and Duke fit their roles and play well together but they don't standout from those that came before them. Marsden, on the other hand, is hilarious as the obnoxious gearhead with a short fuse. This role is unlike any he's played before and he committed to it fully.

There is little that separates this film from the many that preceded it but a few great performances make it worthwhile.

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