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Next gen gaming heats up with launch of PlayStation 3, Wii

After having the next gen video game market all to itself for a year, the Xbox 360 will face its first major competition when the PlayStation 3 launches on November 17.

Weighing a hefty five kilograms, the PS3 will use Blu-ray high-definition discs for its games and will also play HD movies issued on that format.


The PS3 is also said to have features that minimize heat and noise — which are commonly complained about features of the Xbox 360.

Innovation isn’t cheap, however, as the PS3 will cost $549 (with a 20GB hard drive) and $659 (with a 60GB hard drive). The Xbox 360 costs a relatively less expensive $399.


Nintendo will also be entering the foray in 2006 with its Wii system. At press time, no official release date had been set, though it is expected to cost around $280.

The games industry is worth $25 billion and Sony currently holds 70 per cent of that market.

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